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The moon in it’s weird axis

August 27, 2014


I am blogging this out because I find it amusing that maybe the future self me who reads it one day will laugh about it. And who knows? I might retell this to the person involve. On one of my longshifts at work with motherhen.  I was told something more unexpected that I myself did […]


October 25, 2010


In a nutty nut world if you’re nuts about nut, you’re sure nuts over nuts. In a nutty nut world you own nut and play nut with a nut hand. In a nutty nut world one must be nuts to nut nut’ for nuts. In a nutty nut world you’re either a nut to understand […]

Don’t be so hard on yourself

April 18, 2010


Life is too short! But that does not mean, one has to be too brave and go against nature!! With all the hype on 2012, and the fact that Iceland’s Volcano spewed so much ashes in the air that it clouded area around there so badly, that many airports at Europe have close down, due […]

New Definition for: EXAMS

April 11, 2010


after much clarifying to my mom, what year i was in and which semester i am, and what exam am i having, she was so proud and said….. mom:”Exams r gud! I love them! Because it shows my children are gaining more knowledge and more importantly, they r finishing soon!” LOL! It is some sort […]

of: Eggs and Bunnies

April 4, 2010


::do u think so?:: Honestly, i’m very attracted to bright colours! It just makes my day (= This colourful Easter Eggs do get me! Some like their eggs a bit more geometrical stamp Others like the goofy (which i think it is cute!) The best eggs are the colourful ones! Don’t you agree? Easter’s something […]

PEP talks

February 19, 2010


don’t quite like them. leaves u thinking, and making me a worry-wort. Humbug! after pep talk: i see so many port holes on the so-called well paved road. too many talks, too many opinions, too many wants, too few of me and too stubborn… arrgh! (thinks of IELTS, TOEFL, Foreign Language, JOB, Future, ideal picture […]

Love Thy Neighbour….

December 27, 2009