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Ha Chi, Ote-ote, Fu Zhou UFO, Oyster Cake

August 4, 2010


This is my favourite and sinful eat! I had this long ago when i was younger and in Malaysia, it was rare to get it. Or was it because one of grandma’s friend gave it to us? I’ve not much memory to recall of it except for its taste! During my 1st semester in Malang, […]

National Service ’10

January 2, 2010


The Malaysian National Service aka the PLKN which is the abbreviation for “Program Latihan Khidmat Negara” or literally translated as National Service Training Program or just known as NS, is a compulsory 3 months military service program for teenagers that started in December 2003. Lucky for me i did not get pick. I wondered how […]


January 3, 2009


In the year 2009 i want to go to this places: 1. BATU for Parasailing in conjunction of turning a year older! Any daredevils interested to join me? 2. PICNIC at either Coban Rondo or Tlogo Mas (being coup in the room too long does leave me wanting to bask in the sun or see […]

Bali: Observing Prayers

October 16, 2008


DAY 1 The night before i stayed over at Ayu’s place. It was my 2nd time there only even though i known her like 2 years. I get a little edgy going over to people’s place and stay when i have a place to stay, what more when you’re a student staying in a Kost. […]

Overview: Bali

October 9, 2008


It’s been a week plus since i last blog, heh.  Well, it has been a wonderful experience being away from Malang and the norm of life. With so much drama and changes in the past one month, my nine days in the island of colours was relaxing. Yes, as u all might have known i […]

4 a.m.

September 3, 2008


Things to do at 4am in the morning, when your Travel (van like mode of transport) brought u to the airport 4 hours earlier than expected. First take a picture of the time u reached at the airport as evidence This is how dark the airport of Juanda, Surabaya was at some ungodly hour… kind […]

Taman Wisata Waduk Selorejo

July 21, 2008


Last Sunday 15 July, only a few days after exams itself i was getting restless. I had a big mess in my room that i couldn’t even be bothered to clear it up, piles of clothes waiting to be wash wash was also put on hold. Initiially backpacker planned trip to Pasir Puteh, Situbondo, JATIM […]