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Pushing the ones you love further away…

September 26, 2010


You almost made me cry at Subway. My voice shook as I ordered. You just wouldn’t stop. For 5 minutes, you couldn’t stop complaining about what a failure I am. You even started telling it to the guy making the friggin sandwiches. I can’t wait until I’m 18 and I can get away from you. […]

in the state of denial

April 29, 2010


i may not be able to convey the cluttered thoughts in me as clear as the blue skies because everything is bundled up like a yarn ball. I don’t have the energy to bring up the matter that is bothering for there’s no quick solution to this, i’ve to wait. There’s two things i’m bad […]

Words & Text

April 25, 2010


Not all simple and are easy to read like an open book. Some text needs deciphering, or need lots of time to reread and there are some text, that no matter how much you read it, the understanding won’t dawn to you either at all or after many years. Yet some reads are not meant […]

Don’t be so hard on yourself

April 18, 2010


Life is too short! But that does not mean, one has to be too brave and go against nature!! With all the hype on 2012, and the fact that Iceland’s Volcano spewed so much ashes in the air that it clouded area around there so badly, that many airports at Europe have close down, due […]

비- 널 붙잡을 노래

April 2, 2010


I heard marriage bells rang a few days ago! I found out my primary school friend tied the knot on January, and she just had a wedding banquet. Love her Pre-WEdding photo! It gets all the girls in envy. Although wedding photos are much fun to look at, in reality it is actually a very […]

Swallowing Anxiety

March 11, 2010


Take a ride on the gentle waves, float on the waters, let the buoyant sea carry all, go with the flow. ~verbatimcries~ One of the rarest of time when gaster secretes more hydrochloride acid than usual. Never ever happened to me on a full stomach because i had my dinner. In this life time of […]

All is Forgiven

January 31, 2010


Sometimes the word sorry can mend things, sometimes it doesn’t because it is overuse, which leaves no value of it. To forgive is hard at first because it is just too easy to let the person off, when the feeling is still sore and raw. But when you do give forgiveness, it lifts the dark […]