40 days of Panum

Posted on September 19, 2010


Five week of holidays- I could say it was the best for it was the most happening one by far.

I live for excitement in life, to do things that one could not do it routinely that tantalizes the 5 senses. So this hols has been awesome because of the many things i got to do, from spending time with family n friends, going abroad for hols, teaching self and learning from others how to recognize roads in KL etc.

Driving to KL by myself without having to trouble others i’m most proud of ๐Ÿ™‚ and to be able to recognize the roads are my lil triumphant. Frankly, i am a slow at remembering, i try not to rely on others to much if i can do it myself because i think i’m wasting their time and burdening them. But then again i always love company to go with.

This hols my parents have been so so so generous… I’ve spent more than i ever had on one go (Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu). I’m happy and very blessed for having all the things i have yet the same time i fear the rate of my expenditures will one day surpass the limit of my own earning one day.

Yesterday marks the day of my last hols and it ended nicely with me having breakfast with the oldies despite the old bean was crankier than normal usual Sunday morning (tsk tsk), due to jet lag and lack of rest from the Europe trip.

Then when i reached Juanda, airport of Surabaya it was just a mess!
Lesson learn
>> have a good night rest before boarding morning flight (nuff said).

Long journey from Sby to Malang really numb my butt! Glad i took the first flight back anyway, i had more time to recollect myself and meet up some lovely friends that i’ve not seen for 2 months even though studying in the same U.
Of all the clothes i could find, i couldn’t find a decent pair of heels to bring back (in case i got event to attend or party), the one supposedly to take from Mom i had to leave behind due to lack of space in the bag. However i manage to find a pair here with 50% off! Imagine that! hahaha.ย  So three of us girls got the same thing only in different colour.

Actually i never like owning the same thing that other people (that you know) have. It is like having a copy cat. I know of a few girlfriends that don’t like too. For the first time i’ll admit out loud i like sharing the same style as others! The unselfish feeling of wanting to be unique, the joy of sharing the same thing is so much better. ๐Ÿ™‚